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   Amazing Liquid in Air Conditioning System - Cerma Blue Ice

 Refrigeration systems in all air conditioning (AC) require a liquid material that can move heat absorbed from inside the room to outside the room. The material is Refrigerant. Refrigerant is a liquid that has a low boiling point, so that when it flows through the evaporator pipe, this liquid receives heat from the room and finally the refrigerant evaporates so that the room temperature drops or feels cooler than before. Refrigeration systems have several important components; they are Compressors, Condensers, Capillary Pipes or Expansion Valves, and Evaporators. These four components are interrelated to produce a cooling effect. The combination of these four components is called the system.

 The system must work well to produce cool temperatures as desired. Well, what must be done so that the system works in maximum performance? One of the best ways is to add additives such as Cerma Blue Ice to the refrigerant. With the addition of Cerma Blue Ice, the system runs less due to increased efficiency, increased heat transfer, and increased lubrication. Cerma Blue Ice will work automatically thereby increasing the life of the system.

 The compressor is the heart of air conditioning. Compressors are coolant pumping devices, namely refrigerant. The compressor functions to pump the refrigerant liquid throughout all other cooling components such as condensers, capillaries and evaporators. Compressors work mechanically with some of the components they have, namely electric motors and pistons. Compressors also have a measure of thrust or what we are familiar with paardekracht (PK). The compressor is a very important component in Air Conditioning, keeping it in good condition will provide indoor air quality. Adding Cerma Blue Ice to the refrigerant will increase the heat transfer in the evaporator and compressor pipe by more than 70%, and this will certainly increase the cooling capacity of the Air Conditioning system.

 In addition to the compressor, the condenser is a component of the cooling system that is installed in the Air Conditioning system and refrigerator. This component serves to remove the heat absorbed from the room. The refrigerant phase which initially turned into a liquid gas is caused by high refrigerant pressure after passing the compressor. Another important component is the evaporator; this component serves to absorb heat in the room and then the heat is disposed of in the condenser. So the room feels cooler. The compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator are important parts in your indoor cooling system. The cooling system is not only in the office or room in your home, but also installed in your car.

 There are many benefits to using Cerma Blue Ice in each of your Air Conditioning systems. The formulation is able to penetrate the inside walls of the coil so that it is able to eliminate vibrations, reduce noise, reduce heat and friction, increase efficiency and improve system performance, etc. The use of additional oil in the system for cooling systems on a large scale will also provide extraordinary benefits. Cerma Blue Ice increases system efficiency and your unit will work less and of course use less electricity. Efficient and effective system performance will reduce you in terms of maintenance costs for the long term.


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