Cerma Treatment Benefits for Automatic Transmissions

 Cerma Treatment Benefits for Automatic Transmissions


One of the biggest enemies of a transmission is heat. The amount of heat present in the system will normally dictate the lifetime of the transmission. When Cerma with STM-3 is added, heat is significantly reduced. Cerma with STM-3 addresses the extreme pressure (EP) areas, such as planetary and worn gear systems, along with bushings, bearings and shafts by penetrating the metal surface and embedding a 6 micron layer of ceramic coating. This process drastically reduces the internal friction, leading to a reduction of oil temperature, which will increase the transmissions efficiency and prolong operating life.
Valve Body Operation: In some cases, professional transmission builders have found that cerma with STM-3 has freed the valve body and maximized performance with no recurrence of sticking or intermittent hang-ups
Governors: As most builders are aware, there are certain governor systems that have unique tendencies to hang up for no apparent reason. Two reasons these hang-ups occur are contaminants and microscopic spiking of the metal due to electrolytic corrosion of the metal. Cerma with STM-3 will displace contaminants and smooth and seal metal surfaces with ceramic protection, removing electrolytic spikes and preventing their formation.
. Lower operating temperatures
. Frees valve body for maximum performance
. Eliminates governor hang-ups
. Keeps oil passages, orifices and ball checks clean and fully operational
. Extends the service life of the transmission
. Reduces metal particle fallout and debris
. Removes varnish buildup
. Eliminates lock-up chatter in the torque converter
. Ensures proper shifts
. No negative effect on sprag or clutch friction
. Recommended for automatic and standard transmissions

Although Cerma with STM-3 reduces friction, it has no negative effect on the sprag or clutch friction necessary for the operation of the transmission. Six years of real world testing, as well as over 20 dynamo-meter test, confirm Cerma with STM-3 enhances the transmission of horsepower to the road without any ill effects to the transmission.

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