Convert your metal engine into a high performance ceramic machine! |

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your engine's performance? Look no further than Cerma Treatment's ceramic engine treatment!

Benefits of Cerma Treatment

  • Stops metal-on-metal wear
  • Penetrates varnish and carbon in new or old machinery
  • Hardened polished ceramic surface withstands 350,000 psi and temperatures over 2,400 F degrees
  • Life span of 200,000 miles
  • Once cured into the metal, it is inert, and nothing can stick to it
  • Contaminates are removed with a simple oil filter change
  • Restores metal wear and frees up ring packs, valve trains, and increases compression, oil pressure, horsepower, and miles per gallon
  • Reduces and eliminates harmful engine harmonics, stops or reduces blow-by, oil consumption, emissions, and reduces engine temperature
  • Suitable for use in 4-stroke, diesel, 2-cycle, turbo supercharger, automatic, manual, differential, all A/C units, power steering, hydraulics, air tools, firearms, marine, and aircraft engines.

How It Works

Diamonds are made in nature using 4 step processed heat pressure carbon and time. Cerma uses 99% pure silicon carbide and STM-3 to work in the same way. Your engine is the oven that creates the heat and pressure and uses the carbon from dirty oil to form a ceramic surface in the metal as you keep driving the 3,000 plus miles that is your burn-in period.

For more information, visit or contact tech support at 239-344-9861.

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