Cerma Ceramic C•S•L Tratamiento de grasa y espuma para armas de fuego

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Blaine Brittain
Still Amazing

I’ve used this for years now. And it’s amazing. I used it on all my weapons now. Some many times. My EDC i practice weekly with 60-100 rounds. Even with this all I have to do is take a paper towel and wipe off the carbon on the slide and barrel. To be truthful I have 9-12 applications of this on it. My. Pistol slides like glass, even with 10-18K rounds through it. My rifles especially my ARs I’ve used multiple coats on and they are smooth as silk and again usually a simple wipe down after use is all you need except the bolt. A little plastic brushing and WAMO it’s like new. I do load my own ammo so it’s clean burning powder but still, this is amazing stuff. My 22LR I shoot nearly daily and again I’ve used many coats of cerma on it. My receiver is so so smooth and super easy to clean even after many hundreds of rounds. I have another review which I will still stick to. This is the only treatment that I have to rezero my scopes for. It make the barrels so smooth your velocity is fast so I’ve hit high on all my rifles when first treating them. I put Cerma on about every 3-8 time I clean my weapons, depending if they are bolt or semi auto. And after the second or third treatment I don’t use any grease or oil, nothing and still flawless functionalityof my weapons. Love this stuff. Best I’ve used especially for the price!! Oh one more thing from one bottle of Cerma I’ve coated probably 30-50 weapons with multiple applications on most. And I’ve still have about 1/8 of my first can left. Amazing. It takes so little of this after you figure out what your doing.

Wow I am impressed

I wasn’t really expecting too much. I’ve used all sorts of oils and greases of many kinds and I do have my favs but none have ever made me go wow.
I shoot a good bit, anywhere from 150-350 rounds a week. This is the only treatment that I’ve had to reset my zero on my scopes. It took about 10-15 shots to really get a real tight pattern on my bullseye. I was at first hitting high which means I was getting better velocities. Although that’s wonderful in itself the thing that I was so surprised at was how smooth my action is. I treated the inside of my barrel of course but also did my receiver and bolt and all moving parts.
My semiautomatic are like they are made from glass. So smooth. My bolt actions are as well. I treated one of my semi auto pistols an XD and also treated all moving parts and barrel. It has thousands of rounds threw it and it didn’t feel this smooth when it was new.
Time will tell if it holds up but from a month of shooting I am very impressed with this product. Your weapon doesn’t have really any excess oil or grease to get dirty which is very nice when ya go to clean them after a good shooting session. There’s just not much to clean. Maybe a little powder residue and that’s it and it just wipes off. I’m amazed.

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