The Power of Synthetic Oil: Unveiling Cerma EVO 0w0 Motor Oil
Today's motor oil market is inundated with countless brands and types of oil for cars, from full synthetic oil to high mileage oil and synthetic blend oil. So, amidst this ocean of choices, how do we determine the best engine oil? Allow us to introduce Cerma EVO 0w0 Motor Oil, designed specifically for gasoline engines 2008 and newer. This innovative engine oil showcases the impressive capabilities of synthetic oil at its best.
Engine Protection at Its Finest with Cerma EVO 0w0 Motor Oil
Cerma EVO is an exceptional engine oil formulated to offer maximum engine protection. Engineered to function optimally after treating your engine with Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment, it boasts an array of benefits that elevates it to the rank of the best synthetic oil.
Here's what Cerma EVO Motor Oil offers:
  • Performance: It protects like a 40W oil, runs like a 0W oil, and flows freely within the engine, embodying the principles of 0w-0w-weight motor oil.
  • Interactivity: This multi-weight motor oil responds to the Cerma Engine Treatment, thus providing comprehensive protection.
  • Innovation: Utilizes SiC (Run Clean) technology, safeguarding your engine from heat, friction, and harmful sludge and abrasive carbons.
  • Efficiency: Effectively reduces friction and temperatures, leading to minimized vibration and noise.
  • Power: Enhances horsepower and torque and restores power.
  • Protection: Offers unrivaled protection and maintains engine parts clean.
  • Economy: Yields superior fuel economy benefits, making it a cost-efficient choice.
  • Formulation: Tailored for maximum performance.
  • Prevention: Shields against wear, deposits, acid buildup, and carbon buildup.
  • Maintenance: Prevents bore polish in the cylinder liners while ensuring exceptional piston cleanliness and sludge control.
To reap the full benefits of this clean motor oil, make sure to follow the Cerma protocol:
  1. Apply Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment to your engine.
  2. Drive at least 1,500 miles or wait until your next oil change interval (3,000 miles for trucks).
  3. Replace your old oil with Cerma EVO Motor Oil.
  4. Refrain from using EVO Motor Oil in performance applications.
  5. EVO Motor Oil is designed to last 7,500 miles. Change the oil at the manufacturer's recommended intervals or after 7,500 miles, whichever comes first.
Cerma EVO 0w-0w Motor Oil, a best high mileage oil, has been developed to offer protection against wear, deposits, and emissions. This means longer engine life and reduced operating costs for you or your business.
Remember, it's important not to add the treatment and oil at the same time.
A Word from a Satisfied Cerma User
Don't just take our word for it. Here's a testimony from a satisfied Cerma user:
"The new Cerma EVO has been in my VT for 2K now... One thing I can directly attribute to the Evo Oil is the engine's new running temps. Previously in WOTS (wide open throttle) and driving, I would see 209-211F. Guess what, I have been doing serious fuel trials, and plenty of back to back WOTS, in hot weather no less. The CVVT hot measure does not go above 203 now. Don't ask me why, but it doesn't. Normal driving is like a 196-199 mostly. That is the CERMA EVO!!!"
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