Experience Superior Performance with Cerma Motorcycle Oils and Treatment
Choosing the right motorcycle oil is paramount to your ride's performance, longevity, and health. Amidst numerous options available in the market, Cerma Motorcycle Oils emerge as a game-changer, offering advanced technology and unparalleled benefits.
Revolutionizing Motorcycle Maintenance with Cerma
Cerma Motorcycle Oils are not your average motorcycle oils. They are the only self-cleaning motor oils explicitly designed for your motorcycle. The pioneering SiC (Run Clean) Technology in Cerma oils directly targets and eliminates carbon build-up, oxidation, and contamination, common issues associated with conventional and synthetic engine oils.
Cerma offers a wide array of oil grades, including 10w40 motorcycle oil, motorcycle oil, 10w30, and 5w30, and motorcycle oil. These options cater to every motorcycle's unique requirements, from Honda motorcycles to Harley Davidson motorcycles.
What sets Cerma Motorcycle Oils apart is the blend options offering unmatched protection:
  • 15,000 Mile Blend (CERMA)
  • 30,000 Mile Blend (CERMAX)
Both blends feature the breakthrough Run Clean Technology, ensuring your motorcycle runs smoothly without the need for extra filters or complicated maintenance rituals.
Cerma STM-3® Engine Treatment: A Comprehensive Solution
Cerma STM-3® Engine Treatment, the company's premier product, kickstarts the Cerma process to clean, restore, lubricate, and safeguard all types of motorcycles. This exceptional treatment is the sole pure SiC metal treatment in the market, proven to substantially reduce friction, curb damaging harmonics, and minimize wear.
The benefits of Cerma Motorcycle Oils and STM-3® Engine Treatment are extensive:
  • Revives old and protects new motorcycles
  • Restores engine and transmission performance
  • Increases horsepower & torque
  • Boosts compression
  • Enhances fuel economy (4.2 to 21% as tested)
  • Reduces emission gases (92% as tested)
  • Prevents carbon deposits
  • Shields against hydrogen embrittlement damage
  • Reduces engine vibration and noise (harmonics)
  • Solves cold start problems (tested to -40 degrees)
  • 100% active ingredient and 100% organic
The Cerma Solution to Harley-Davidson Clunking Noise
A common issue Harley-Davidson riders face is the loud clunk noise when shifting gears. Cerma Motorcycle Oils and the STM-3® Engine Treatment can mitigate or even eradicate this clunking noise, enhancing the comfort and performance of your ride. By increasing horsepower and torque, Cerma treatment ensures a smoother, more powerful ride.
When you shop for motorcycle oil, your priority should be a product that guarantees optimal protection and performance for your ride. Cerma Motorcycle Oils, fortified with advanced SiC technology and a plethora of benefits, are a top-tier choice. Backed by 12 years of concrete data and not mere marketing hype, they are fully insured and come with a 100% 90-day money-back guarantee. Experience the Cerma difference today and provide your motorcycle with the exceptional care it deserves.
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