Cerma STM-3® Hydraulic Treatment is a revolutionary solution designed to enhance the performance of your hydraulic systems. By utilizing advanced ceramic technology, this treatment creates a micro-ceramic protective coating on all metal parts within your vehicle's hydraulic system. This coating offers ultimate protection against heat, friction, and the formation of performance-degrading sludge. Here are the key features of Cerma STM-3 Hydraulic Treatment:
  • Reduced Oil Temperatures: The treatment effectively reduces oil temperatures, leading to improved performance and longevity of the hydraulic fluid.
  • Longer Lasting Oil: With reduced temperatures and the Sic properties of the treatment, the hydraulic oil lasts longer, saving you money on frequent oil changes.
  • Moisture Reduction: Cerma STM-3 utilizes moisture guard technology to effectively reduce moisture content in the hydraulic oil, preventing internal corrosion.
  • Reduced Air Content in Oil: The treatment minimizes air content in the hydraulic oil, enhancing the overall efficiency and operation of the system.
  • Reduced Pump Cavitation: Cerma STM-3 helps prevent pump cavitation, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted hydraulic fluid flow.
  • Stops Air Locking in Pump: By eliminating air locking in the pump, the treatment ensures consistent and reliable hydraulic system operation.
  • Stable Control while Operating Rams: The removal of air within the oil enables stable and smooth control when operating rams.
  • Longer Pump Life: The STM3 additive within the oil treats and seals metal components, resulting in an extended lifespan for your hydraulic pump.
  • Reduced Seal Failures: Cerma's Seal conditioner technology keeps seals pliable and supple, reducing the likelihood of seal failures.
  • Longer Hose Life: Stable fluid pressures and reduced air bucking contribute to longer-lasting hydraulic hoses.
  • Less Downtime: With improved protection against breakage and oil overheating, Cerma STM-3 helps minimize downtime and maintenance requirements.
  • Improved Cold Weather Operation: The treatment enhances the performance of your hydraulic system even in cold weather conditions.
  • More Stable Operation: Cerma STM-3 promotes overall stability in the hydraulic system, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
Cerma STM-3 also absorbs moisture from the oil, preventing internal corrosion and extending the life of your hydraulic system. It lubricates rubber seals and O-rings, preventing them from drying out and tearing during extended periods of inactivity. Additionally, Cerma STM-3 forms a protective layer on the inside of hydraulic cylinders, ensuring smoother operation throughout the entire cycle.
All Cerma products are environmentally safe and free from solvents or PTFE's. They are designed to provide maximum performance and increased properties when used in conjunction with CERMAX Hydraulic Oil during the next oil change.
Choose Cerma STM-3 Hydraulic Treatment for:
  • Less breakdown and improved reliability of your hydraulic system
  • Reduced maintenance requirements and associated costs
  • Minimized downtime, leading to increased productivity
  • Lower overhead expenses due to improved system performance
Invest in the protection and performance of your hydraulic system with Cerma Ceramic Hydraulic Treatment.
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