Traitement de transmission automatique en céramique Cerma

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Ulf Huzell
Cerma Automatic Ceramic Transmission Treatment

The light clattering noise has been reduced approx. 50 % but the vehicle has only been driven approx. 50 miles since adding the CERMA = too soon for a good evaluation?

David A.
For preventative maintenance

Have been using Cerma engine & fuel treatment in my wife's 2017 Equinox. It had 30,000 miles when purchased. I have noticed better acceleration when merging onto the interstate. This vehicle has the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine which is somewhat under powered. We typically keep a vehicle for 8-10 years so I use Cerma oil, gas, & transmission treatments to reduce friction, heat, wear, & deposits. The GDI fuel injection systems are famous for problems with carbon deposits on the intake valves and cylinder heads. The life of the transmission should be extended from less wear.

Michael L.

I had a small hammer in the transmission on my 2008 hummer h2 added cerma transmission fluid and in about 2 weeks or about 100 miles it seems like a new transmission I am totally amazed how great this product works my transmission is smooth and powerful I have 120,000 miles on tranny awesome

Blaine B.

A friend at work told me about the engine treatment and gave it his Highest recommendation. It took me a couple weeks then I finally remembered to look the stuff up. Of course I read all your info and a bunch of reviews and decided well crap, doesn’t sound too bad.
I drive 1 1/2hrs to work and that first trip my engine felt smoother and quicker than it’s ever did. My vehicle has 90k miles on it and I got 2 1/2 mpg better than I’ve gotten for couple years now. Skipping a couple weeks later and about 1000 miles more and oh my, I get anywhere between 3-5mpg better that I’ve got since my rig was new. Amazing stuff. My engine runs a little warmer but so much smoother and more power for sure. I really hope this stufff holds up to time. I’m putting the trannny treatment in next week and can’t wait to see the difference.
Thanks for the amazing product. I’ll be back for my other car soon!!!

Richard E.
85 chevy truck riding"SIC"onCERMA

Wow! Added in Cerma Transmission Treatment and within minutes of driving ,sounds quite , smoother shifting its really great stuff, I've had alot of cars n trucks in my time tried all kinds of treatments and they all suck, CERMA thank you for giving my 85 Chevy C20 Silverado with original tranny in her, she's HAPPY so am I. Next is CERMA for her Engine.

 RicH E✌
El Centro Ca

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