If you're experiencing smoke issues with your 1992 Cummins diesel engine, Cerma products might be the solution you're looking for. Cerma offers a range of engine treatments and fluids designed to clean, protect, and optimize engine performance, while reducing emissions and smoke.
By using Cerma STM-3 Engine Catalyst, you can remove carbon buildup and treat the metal inside the engine, resulting in improved engine efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and longer engine life. Unlike traditional oil additives, Cerma STM-3 is a permanent solution that doesn't alter the state of the motor oil circulating inside the engine, but rather uses the oil as a carrier to move around the entire engine.
In addition to the STM-3 Engine Catalyst, Cerma also offers a range of treatments and fluids designed to work independently or together, including the Cerma Engine Treatment, Automatic Transmission Treatment, Manual Transmission Treatment, Power Steering Treatment, and Hydraulic Treatment.
Using Cerma products can help restore, clean, lubricate, and protect all metal parts within your engine, resulting in improved performance, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. By using Cerma products, you can keep your 1992 Cummins diesel engine running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.