Run Colder, Run Efficient, Run Less

Cerma Blue Ice is a liquid catalyst engineered to improve the cooling system efficiency and result in electrical savings of up to 40%.

When your A/C unit is working less, dollars are going straight to your pocket.  Cerma Blue Ice provides enhanced performance and heat transfer of up to 70%, which adds up to Power Savings of up to 40%.

•  Improved Efficiency
•  Shorter Compressor Cycle Times
•  Power Savings – Reduces Electric Energy Costs by up to 40%
•  Improved Heat Transfer – Colder Vent Air
•  Increases cooling capacity (eliminate need for additional cooling units)
•  Reduces Internal Moisture and Acid Buildup
•  Quieter Compressor, Reducing Noise and Vibration
•  Reduces Equipment Repair Cost and Extends Equipment Life
•  Revives Hard Start Units
•  Corrects the need to change Saturated Air Dryer Modules
•  Removes Oil Fouling and Cleans Lines
•  Improves both New and Old Systems
•  Provides a Hard Deposit Resistant Micron Coating to the Lines
•  Allows System to work at Maximum Efficiency
•  Eco-Friendly and Organic
•  One time treatment that lasts for the life of the coils / refrigerant
•  Enhances system SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) performance
•  Reduces carbon footprint of business
•  Payback is typically 6 months to 12 months