Cerma Fuel Efficiency Test Report: Diesel Fuel Efficiency Protocol by Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company Ltd
Cerma STM-3 is a revolutionary engine treatment that promises to enhance vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. To test the effectiveness of Cerma STM-3, the Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company Ltd conducted a fuel efficiency protocol for diesel engines. The results of the test are as follows:
  • A 5% increase in fuel efficiency was observed on average across all tested vehicles.
  • The best performing vehicle showed an 8.23% increase in fuel efficiency.
  • The worst performing vehicle still showed a 2.34% increase in fuel efficiency.
  • Over a 15-month period, the average fuel savings for a single diesel truck were estimated to be $5,230 CAD.
The Cerma STM-3 treatment was found to improve fuel efficiency by reducing friction and wear and tear on engine components, leading to smoother operation and better fuel economy. The treatment also reduces engine deposits, which can cause inefficient combustion and decreased fuel efficiency.
In conclusion, the fuel efficiency protocol conducted by the Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company Ltd shows that Cerma STM-3 can significantly improve diesel fuel efficiency, resulting in substantial fuel savings. By reducing friction and wear and tear, and improving engine cleanliness, Cerma STM-3 enhances engine performance, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.
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