Go Green with Cerma


Oil Pour

Cerma Motor Oils

Cerma Motor Oils will run vehicles for 30,000 to 50,000 miles without an oil change, all while powering the engine with increased performance and lower maintenance costs.  With Cerma Motor Oils, save thousands in oil... reducing the environmental impact has never been so profitable.



Emissions with Cerma

Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatments and Cerma Motor Oils reduce emissions by up to 90% in both automobile and diesel engines.  Lower emissions, increased power, higher fuel economy -- Cerma Treatments and Oils will bring  engine to its maximum performance.  Your vehicle will feel good about going green, so good -- it's SiC.



 Cerma HVAC

Cerma STM-3 HVAC increases efficiencies by up 30 to 50%.  When your HVAC unit is working less, dollars are going straight to your pocket.  Better performance, enhanced efficiency, less energy all add up to a significant environmental impact.




Cerma Grease and Lubes

All Cerma STM-3 Grease and Lubes improve efficiency, extend equipment life, reduce downtime and help protect against unscheduled maintenance. Cerma STM-3 Grease and Lubes will improve "bottom line" by reducing energy usage, reducing maintenance costs, and reducing capital equipment replacement.


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