Cerma STM-3 Liquid Catalyst: Clean, Restore, Lubricate, and Protect

Cerma STM-3 is a highly advanced liquid catalyst designed to improve engine lubrication, resulting in peak operational performance levels. With Cerma STM-3, you can experience improved engine performance, reduced vehicle repair costs, and increased fuel economy. Here are some of the key benefits of using Cerma STM-3:
  • Improved Performance: Cerma STM-3 enhances engine lubrication, resulting in improved engine performance and increased horsepower and torque.
  • Longer Oil Change Cycle Times: Cerma STM-3 can extend the interval between oil changes, especially when used with Cerma or CermaX Motor Oils.
  • Restores Engine & Transmission Performance: Cerma STM-3 is designed to restore engine and transmission performance, ensuring your vehicle is running smoothly.
  • Protects New... Revives Old: Cerma STM-3 not only protects new engines but also revives old ones, making it an essential component of your vehicle maintenance routine.
  • Reduces Internal Moisture and Acid Buildup: Cerma STM-3 reduces internal moisture and acid buildup, ensuring your engine stays clean and healthy.
  • Quieter Engine, Reducing Noise and Vibration: Cerma STM-3 reduces engine noise and vibration, leading to a smoother, quieter ride.
  • Reduces Vehicle Repair Cost and Prolongs Operational Life: By reducing internal wear and tear, Cerma STM-3 can help prolong the operational life of your vehicle and reduce repair costs.
  • Revives Hard Start Units: Cerma STM-3 can revive hard start units, ensuring your vehicle starts smoothly every time.
  • Increased Fuel Economy: Cerma STM-3 has been shown to increase fuel economy by up to 4.2% under EPA testing within 24 hours.
  • Cleans Engine and Removes Oil Fouling: Cerma STM-3 cleans the engine and removes oil fouling, ensuring your engine stays clean and healthy.
  • Money Saving Protection for your Engine: Cerma STM-3 is a cost-effective solution that can save you money on vehicle maintenance and repairs over time.
  • Provides a Hard Deposit-Resistant Micron Coating to the Engine: Cerma STM-3 provides a hard deposit-resistant micron coating to the engine, ensuring it stays protected and lubricated.
  • Stops Cold Start Problems: Cerma STM-3 has been tested to -40 degrees and can stop cold start problems, ensuring your vehicle starts smoothly in any weather.
  • Eco-Friendly and Organic: Cerma STM-3 is an eco-friendly and organic solution that is safe for the environment.
  • One-Time Treatment that Lasts for the Life of the Engine: Cerma STM-3 is a one-time treatment that lasts for the life of the engine, providing long-lasting protection and lubrication.
  • Stops the Formation of Deposits within your Engine: Cerma STM-3 stops the formation of deposits within your engine, ensuring it stays clean and healthy.
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint of Vehicle, Reduces Emission Gases: By improving engine performance and fuel economy, Cerma STM-3 can reduce the carbon footprint of your vehicle and decrease emission gases.
  • 90-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee: Cerma STM-3 comes with a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you can try it risk-free.
Experience the benefits of Cerma STM-3 today and keep your engine running smoothly for years to come.