2 Cycle oil test using a chain saw.

Cerma 2-Cycle Oil outperforms standard 2-Cycle Oil

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Using a 2-cycle chain saw can be a messy and time-consuming task, especially when the equipment is not running smoothly. That's where Cerma's 2-cycle oil treatment comes in to make the task easier and more efficient.
Cerma's 2-cycle oil treatment is specifically designed to clean, lubricate, and protect 2-cycle engines such as those found in chainsaws, leaf blowers, and other equipment. Our treatment uses our patented SiC technology to reduce friction, wear, and heat, leading to improved engine performance, increased power, and fuel efficiency.
One of the best ways to see the benefits of Cerma's 2-cycle oil treatment is through an emissions test. By using our product, you can significantly reduce the emission levels of your equipment, which is better for the environment and can even help you pass emissions regulations.
In one test using a chain saw with a Cerma treatment, the equipment saw a dramatic reduction in emissions, showing that Cerma's product can be an effective solution for improving the environmental impact of 2-cycle engines.
Overall, Cerma's 2-cycle oil treatment offers a range of benefits, including improved engine performance, increased power and fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. Whether you're a professional landscaper or just someone who uses 2-cycle equipment around the house, Cerma's treatment can make your work easier and more environmentally friendly.