Self-Cleaning Silicon Carbide Matrix

Cerma STM-3 is a revolutionary technology as it chemically creates a permanent Silicon Carbide, "SiC", coating at a micron level within the valleys of the surface of all metal parts in which the lubrication is introduced.  By introducing silicon into a carbon atmosphere Cerma STM-3 permanently treats the metal surfaces within the engine and will continuously utilize the acids and carbon within the engine oil to clean the engine.

Cerma STM-3 does more than just coat.  Cerma STM-3 penetrates the internal metal parts of the engine to eliminate destructive harmonics, noise and vibration, increase performance, and improve fuel economy.  By creating a smoother, more durable surface without changing factory tolerances, Cerma STM-3 simultaneously cleans and protects both new and worn parts. 

Cerma STM-3 effectively optimizes performance while reducing friction and wear.  As the vehicle is driven, the 100% active ingredient, STM-3, applys a permanent nano Silicon Carbide (SiC) matrix seal within the sub-surfaces of the engine, 1 to 6 microns deep.  As Cerma STM-3, this matrix is lapped to create a perfect surface on the metal sub-surfaces of the engine.

It is well known that Silicon Carbide, SiC, is used as a high end surface protector due to its properties of being able to withstand extreme temperatures. High performance parts and equipment manufacturers utilize SiC in some of their most expensive equipment.  Typical uses of SiC are stationary or dynamic turbine components, seals, bearings, process equipment, engine components, and custom coating for professional racing engines.

Chemical purity, resistance to chemical attack at high temperatures, and strength retention at high temperatures has made SiC very popular as a metal treatment. Although the process of producing and coating materials with SiC is normally very expensive and involves many steps to achieve the final product. Cerma STM-3 achieves the properties of a SiC coating in a simple one-time application.

By reducing friction and heat, Cerma STM-3 provides similar benefits as traditional lubricants but works in a completely different way. Cerma STM-3 does not modify the engine oil in any way. Instead, it modifies the surface structure of the metal to make it act like a ceramic surface -- hence the name STM-3:  Surface Tension Modifier.

SiC coatings are known for their strength, durability, smoothness and high heat resistance properties.  SiC coatings have been used for decades in racing, aviation and nuclear propulsion.  Cerma STM-3, a ceramic (SiC) metal catalyst can now be applied  to your engine, transmission, rear  axle, or whatever equipment you are treating with one simple application, no special tools and without dis-assembly.  Cerma STM-3 provides a huge cost savings, with all the benefits of a ceramic engine.  

Enjoy the performance that professional race engine builders and aerospace engineers have known about for years, but at a fraction of the cost.