Savings Using Cerma STM-3 Treatments

Looking for a way to save money and increase efficiency? Cerma STM-3 engine treatment can help! Here are the benefits of using Cerma STM-3:
  • Fuel Savings: By improving engine performance, Cerma STM-3 helps your vehicle run more efficiently, leading to significant fuel savings. A 3% improvement can save a light running diesel semi-truck up to $1,650 in fuel costs in the first year alone. Over a five-year period, that's over $8,250 in savings.
  • Oil Savings: Cerma STM-3's self-cleaning technology helps keep your engine clean and running smoothly, reducing wear and tear on engine components and the need for oil changes. This can lead to substantial savings on oil costs over time.
  • Maintenance Savings: By reducing engine wear and tear, Cerma STM-3 can also help reduce maintenance costs. With fewer repairs and replacements needed, businesses with multiple vehicles can see significant savings on maintenance expenses.
Combined, Cerma STM-3 can save you up to 40% annually on fuel, oil, and maintenance costs. Plus, because Cerma STM-3 is a one-time treatment, the savings will continue year after year. Don't wait to start saving money and improving efficiency with Cerma STM-3!