Cerma Blue Ice:  Water is simply H2O

The unique composition of Cerma Blue Ice, changes the state of the H2O molecule inside the closed system, breaking the bond between the Hydrogen and the Oxygen atom -- NO MORE WATER equals no more ice within the system thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing the cost of operation.

With all the moisture and water extracted from the system, the refrigerant is clear to do what it needs to do -- transfer the heat efficiently across the entire system.

How does Cerma Blue Ice change H2O:  The dipole in water is caused by the difference in electronegativity between Oxygen and Hydrogen.  Cerma products are (-) charged electrons that overpower the attraction of hydrogen to oxygen, so the hydrogen is pulled like a magnet.  Since Cerma has a strong charge verses Oxygen’s weak charge, the surrounding positively charged hydrogen atoms are drawn away from the oxygen atom, and bond with Cerma to form a new substance (no longer chemically H2O).  This relieves the problem of H2O forming ice crystals within the refrigeration system and improving heat transfer efficiency.

Cerma Blue Ice:  It is SiC!

Cerma Blue Ice modifies the surface structure of the metal to create a Silicon Carbide (SiC) matrix within the metal surface.  SiC is known for it's strength, durability, smoothness and high heat resistance properties.
Cerma Blue Ice is a catalyst whose chemical formulation that, once added to the compressor oil, penetrates the inside walls of the coils to eliminate destructive harmonics, noise and vibration, reduces heat and friction, and increases efficiency and performance.  The actual formulation contained within Cerma Blue Ice creates a SiC (silicone carbide) coating along the entire surface inside the coils.  The lack of moisture and the hard heat resistant micron coating provide maximum efficiency to the unit.

Cerma Blue Ice:  Practical Use

It took 10 years of research and development, and 5 years of practical use in some of the harshest environments as well as testing that included systems as small as a car a/c all the way up to a 100-ton system in Florida and Arizona. Cerma Blue Ice has seen results in savings of over 50% in normal production time of a ice production factory located in Australia, saving the owners both time and cost in production, as well as future wear and tear of the equipment.


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