The Science behind Cerma Blue Ice

Enhance Efficiency with Cerma Blue Ice: The SiC Matrix Catalyst for A/C and Refrigeration Systems
Cerma Blue Ice is a revolutionary product that enhances the efficiency of A/C and refrigeration systems. Here's how:
  • Changing Water Molecules: The unique composition of Cerma Blue Ice changes the state of the H2O molecule within a closed system, breaking the bond between the Hydrogen and the Oxygen atom. As a result, there is no more water and ice formation within the system, which increases efficiency and decreases operational costs. With all the moisture and water removed from the system, the refrigerant can transfer heat efficiently across the entire system.
  • The SiC Matrix Catalyst: Cerma Blue Ice modifies the surface structure of the metal to create a Silicon Carbide (SiC) matrix, known for its strength, durability, smoothness, and high heat resistance properties. The chemical formulation of Cerma Blue Ice creates a SiC coating inside the coils, which eliminates destructive harmonics, noise, and vibration, while reducing heat and friction. The lack of moisture and the hard, heat-resistant micron coating provide maximum efficiency to the unit.
  • Practical Use: After 10 years of research and development and testing in harsh environments, Cerma Blue Ice has shown to save up to 50% in normal production time. It has been tested on systems as small as a car A/C all the way up to a 100-ton system in Florida and Arizona, and has produced results in saving over 50% in normal production time of an ice production factory located in Australia. The use of Cerma Blue Ice results in significant cost savings and reduced wear and tear of equipment.
Cerma Blue Ice is a game-changer in the A/C and refrigeration industry, delivering increased efficiency, significant cost savings, and reduced wear and tear of equipment. Try Cerma Blue Ice today and experience the difference it can make for your systems!