Cerma Motor Oils: Save Money and Improve Performance

Looking for a motor oil that delivers superior performance while saving you money? Look no further than Cerma Motor Oils. Our game-changing line of motor oils and fluids is designed to address carbon buildup, oxidation, and contamination that commonly occur in standard and synthetic engine oils. Here are the benefits of using Cerma Motor Oils:
  • SiC (Run Clean) Technology: Our self-cleaning motor oils use SiC (Run Clean) technology, making them the only self-cleaning motor oils in the world. Unlike traditional oils, our oils require no fancy filters or disclaimers.
  • Exceptional Lubrication, Restoration, and Protection: Cerma Motor Oils offer exceptional lubrication, restoration, and protection, helping to reduce engine wear, extend the life of your vehicle, and improve overall performance.
  • Two Blends Available: Cerma Motor Oils are available in both a 15,000 blend and a 30,000 blend (CERMAX), representing the future of lubrication.
  • How it Works: Our proprietary RUN CLEAN technology forces the carbon to attract to itself and into the oil flow. The carbon deposits grow larger over time, and are ultimately filtered out through the engine's normal filter system. This "cleaning" process continues for the life of the oil, ensuring that your engine stays clean and reliable.
Upgrade your automotive maintenance routine with Cerma's self-cleaning motor oils and fluids. Experience the revolutionary SiC technology that will change the way you think about engine maintenance. Choose Cerma and drive with confidence, knowing that you are using the world's only self-cleaning motor oils.