Warranty Policy

Please return Unused Product to this address.
15880 Summerlin Road # 300 Box # 301
Fort Myers Florida 33908

While we cannot promise exactly what level of performance improvement Cerma STM-3® will give your particular vehicle, we do believe in our products 100%. This is why we offer a 60 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee for all treatment products including our premier product, Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment. Cerma will upon request refund the purchase price of ANY TREATMENT product purchased in the event you, the customer has not realized the benefits of our products as reflected within this site, up to $100 per customer. Providing the customer gave enough time for the treatment had a chance to work in the treatment which is 3,000 Plus Miles Treatment products include all products listed under the heading of "Treatments" (subject to limitations and restrictions). All requests for refund should be emailed to info@Cermatreatment.com.

Cerma warrants your satisfaction for a period of 60 days from date of purchase, Refunds are to be issued at Cerma(Bijou.inc) sole discretion, and Cerma (Bijou) will not honor a request for more than one (1) part # of our product at a time, limited to purchase price less shipping and handling and any other expense incurred by Cerma Bijou.inc to deliver and/or accept returned product or issue said claim for refund of said product.

Limitations - One refund request per customer. Up to $100 per request per customer. The $100 limitation covers any single treatment product for automobile. We encourage you to try before you commit to larger purchases or product including motor oil, grease, larger engines, and/or other Cerma products.
Restrictions - Money back guarantee does not apply to Motor Oil, Grease, and/or any value packages. In the specific case of a value package, we will refund the Treatment portion and accept a return of the motor oil as per our RETURN POLICY. Money-back guarantee does not apply to Transmission Treatment products when used in CVT or SVT Transmissions (Cerma Warranty / Money Back Guarantee is NOT valid for CVT or SVT Transmissions of any type due to the large number inherent manufacturer issues. Cerma STM-3 Transmission does not fix broken! Speak to your dealer and/or manufacturer for more information.)
Cerma will accept returns for sealed, unbroken and unused product in its original factory condition for up to 60 days from original purchase date. All requests for return must be sent through your account on the website (Amazon) or to info@Cermatreatment.com. Upon receipt of request, we will issue an RMA for the specified products. Products sent to Cermatreatment.com. offices for return without RMA will not be accepted for return or refund! No exceptions! DO NOT SEND RETURNS WITHOUT RMA# THEY WILL BE THROWN OUT AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THAT RETURN.

Products must be in original condition for a full Credit (this may be waived at the sole discretion of Cerma.)

Return Policy applicable to retail customers only.

Cerma (Bijou.inc) reserves the right to deny any and all refund requests that we find to be fraudulent.

You agree not to request via your credit card company a chargeback for purchases made here on Amazon.(Bijou.inc) , without first requisition an RMA # and allowing Cerma (Bijou.inc to issue a refund within a timely manner not to exceed 30 days from RMA issuing or a denial of claim by Cerma in writing.

You the client by completing a purchase here at Amazon Cerma.(Bijou.inc) and (AGREE to TERMS) at time of check out at Cerma Amazon. check out page, agree to be legally bound by these terms and further agree that you have read and fully understand the terms & conditions