Dollars go Straight to your Pocket

The numbers are simple.  Cerma Blue Ice will increase efficiency of the system and your unit will run less using less electricity, and last longer with less maintenance costs.  Adding Cerma Blue Ice to a 5000 square foot house/building will typically save $1000 in electrical costs in the first year alone.

Over a 5 year period, that is over $5000 in savings!

Larger systems and businesses with multiple cooling and refrigeration units will realize far greater savings.

Air Conditioning Savings Calculator

This Calculator will estimate savings after adding Cerma Blue Ice to a system;
based on system size, electricity costs, and run time.

Enter the Cooling Capacity of the Unit - BTU:
Enter the Efficiency Rating of the Unit - SEER:
Enter the approximate Electric Rate – USD$ / KWH:
Enter the approximate hours the unit is ON per day:
Electricity Used per Hour of the Unit - KWH / hour:
Electricity Used per Month of the Unit - KWH / month:
Daily cost to operate the unit (USD$):
Monthly cost to operate the unit (USD$):
Annual cost to operate the unit (USD$):

Annual Savings after adding Cerma Blue Ice to the System (USD$):

*Savings based on a 40% improvement

40% Annual


35% Annual


30% Annual


25% Annual


20% Annual


15% Annual