Give us 1,500 miles and we will give you 30,000 miles!

30,000 miles of unmatched Protection, Performance and SAVINGS.


1.  Add Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment to exisiting engine oil

2.  Drive 1,500 miles (or longer until your next oil change interval)

3.  Change Oil using Cerma Motor Oil

Your part of the process is now complete.  Over the next 90 days of driving, the Cerma process will complete on its own.

Follow the Cerma Protocol with Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment and Cerma Motor Oil and you will get ultimate savings, value, protection, and performance.

Clean, Restore, Lubricate and Protect

Older Vehicles:  Cerma will Restore and Revive.

Newer Vehicles:  Cerma will Maintain Peak Performance.

Straight from the start you will see, hear and feel the difference after using Cerma Engine products.  By the time the Cerma process is complete, your engine will be at its peak performance, have that extra horsepower, run quieter and smoother, and start to benefit from longer oil life and protection, and increased fuel economy.


a)  LONGER IS BETTER, after adding Cerma Engine Treatment, drive a minimum of 1,500 miles, but if your regular oil change cycle brings you out farther, GREAT, longer only adds to the Cerma process.

b)  Diesel Vehicles - after adding Cerma Engine Treatment, drive a minimum of 3,000 miles

c)  CERMAX Motor Oil - 30,000 blend

d)  Cerma Motor Oil - 15,000 blend


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