Best Oil Additive for Any Car Engine Type


 Best Oil Additive for Any Car Engine Type

Are there any best oil additives? Yes, of course, there is.

If there is, let's replace the word oil additives with Ceramic Treatments. Before concluding that Ceramic Treatments are the best oil additives suitable for all types of engines, I will explain about the performance of this type of oil.

In fact, thousands of mechanics repairing cars aim to improve the performance of the engine under normal and extreme conditions; high or low temperature. They have taught car owners to use additional substances. Is there no additive in the lubricating oil? Additives are contained in lubricating oils, but they work best under normal conditions. Ceramic Treatments are working like a doctor who performs specific treatments for your car such as engine treatment, transmission treatment (manual and automatic), fuel treatment for gasoline or diesel engines, power steering treatment, refrigeration treatment, and many others.

Most car owners feel their lubricating oil works well. Some people even change oil on time in order to maintain the health of their engines; they feel that engine oil has all the extra substances that a car needs. However, that is not all true! I say this because your car is not always in a normal situation. At any time, the car can be in extreme circumstances such as on a snowy road, uphill road, travel outside the city that is far away, severe traffic jams, etc. These situations force the car engine to work harder. Well, this is where the role of Ceramic Treatments. This oil additive keeps the engine performance more reliable despite having to work extra hard.

Why does your machine need treatment from Ceramic Treatments? When your machines produce the highest power, they have experienced friction, abrasion, and oxidation over a period of time. Ceramic Treatments make all processes run healthy, smooth, no noise and reduce vibration. Using Ceramic Treatment for cars also supports the movement of environmental love because the additional substances in this oil can reduce the carbon footprint in vehicles and reduce gas emissions.

Consider some of the main reasons why specific additives like Cerma can help your car engine treatment.

When the machine is working, there are always internal parts rubbing against each other. If so, it will be easy to wear out or damage the piston. If this happens continuously, no one dares to guarantee the health of your engine unless you use Cerma engine treatment.

The car is a means of transportation for driving long distances. Driving long distances results in more metal abrasion to the internal pistons, valves, and gears. The type of car that is often used for driving long distances is a truck. Don't let the diesel engine on your truck lose power when driving on the highway. There are several ways to overcome this problem, first, stop at the truck stop all night, and the second use Cerma Ceramic Engine Treatment for Diesel Trucks. The second way is more efficient and beneficial to you, right? Because you can arrive at your destination on time and the engine condition is still in the best performance. Why is Cerma able to keep the machine performance good? Cerma simultaneously cleans and protects worn parts by creating smoother and more durable surfaces without changing factory tolerances. Cerma effectively optimizes performance while reducing friction and wear. 

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After well over 100,000 operating miles on 5 different vehicles including commercial vehicles, I have verified this to be true. My wife’s car was fully treated but she blew the head gasket bad enough to junk it. Her replacement 05 Chrysler T&C is now getting all the same treatment. This isn’t an AWD so it’s thankfully much less involved. Anyway, point is I am a big time believer based on experience.

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