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Cerma Hi Temperature Lithium Grease

Cerma Hi Temperature Lithium Grease

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Introducing Cerma Hi Temperature Lithium Grease, a top-of-the-line ceramic grease that delivers unrivaled performance for your mechanical components. Fortified with SiC (Silicon Carbide) Technology, Cerma Hi Temperature Lithium Grease is part of the new generation of lubricants developed by Cerma Grease and Lubes.

SiC Lubrication is a revolutionary development that chemically creates a SiC coating at a micron level within the sub-surface of all metal parts to which the lubrication is introduced. This advanced technology ensures high strength, low thermal expansion, high hardness, and excellent thermal shock resistance. Cerma Hi Temperature Lithium Grease can withstand temperatures of up to 800°C without reacting with any acids, alkalies, or molten salts.

Cerma Hi Temperature Lithium Grease, also known as Cerma STM-3 Grease, is a tacky grease that remains in place and does not run on hot surfaces exceeding 500°F. Even when exposed to lacquer thinners and similar substances, Cerma STM-3 Grease will not wash away. This makes it the best lubrication grease available on the market, offering reduced maintenance, extended lubricating intervals, increased equipment life, and lower operating temperatures.

This versatile ceramic grease is compatible with other lithium complex greases and offers superior shock-load protection, resistance to water/chemical washout, and excellent corrosion prevention. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, Cerma Hi Temperature Lithium Grease is suitable for automotive and fleet applications, off-road equipment used in agriculture, construction, logging, and mining, as well as industrial applications including conveyor belts, rock crushers, and marine deck equipment.

Formulated with the finest ingredients, including quality polymers, high-viscosity base oils, advanced anti-wear agents, and natural rust inhibitors, Cerma Hi Temperature Lithium Grease sets itself apart from other greases on the market. The addition of 10% Cerma STM-3 Metal Conditioner by weight further enhances its efficiency, improving mechanical performance and preventing catastrophic failure.

With Cerma Hi Temperature Lithium Grease, you can reduce the frequency of re-greasing in most applications, thanks to its long-lasting performance and extended grease intervals. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a must-have lubricant for all your mechanical components, ensuring improved efficiency, extended equipment life, and reduced downtime. Choose Cerma Hi Temperature Lithium Grease for unmatched lubrication performance in the most extreme conditions.
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