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Cermax Ceramic 10w-30W Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil

Cermax Ceramic 10w-30W Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil

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Introducing Cermax Ceramic 10W-30W Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil, the ultimate solution for maximum wear protection and engine performance.

Cermax 10W30 Diesel Motor Oil with Run Clean Technology is specially formulated with carbon and moisture guard to provide your vehicle with up to 30,000 miles of premium protection. Our innovative Cerma STM-3 technology utilizes Silicon Carbide (SiC) to protect your engine against sludge and abrasive carbons, ensuring maximum performance in all engines.

Run Clean Technology keeps your vehicle on the road and running smoothly by providing fast cold weather starting, extreme temperature protection, and maximum wear protection. Suitable for use in any induction (turbo) motors, Cerma Motor Oil is the world's first self-cleaning oil, guaranteeing peak performance while reducing friction and wear.

As you drive, the 100% active ingredient in Cerma STM-3 creates a permanent nano SiC matrix seal within your engine to optimize performance. This technology lubricates, cleans, and prevents contaminants from agglomerating on metal surfaces, providing a full self-cleaning lubrication system for the life of your oil.

Cermax 10W30 Diesel Motor Oil has been formulated to provide Triple Protection against wear, deposits, and emissions, ensuring long engine life and lower operating costs for your vehicle. Whether you have a new or old vehicle, Cerma 10W30 Diesel is the perfect break-in oil and the best performance oil on the market today.

Recommended for all types of modern vehicles, including high-performance, turbo-charged, and supercharged engines, Cermax 10W30 Diesel Grade Motor Oil is the go-to choice for superior all-season protection. Made for heavy-duty diesel vehicles and mixed fleets in all types of over-the-road service, Cerma Motor Oils meet domestic and foreign car manufacturers' engine requirements, providing outstanding wear protection, high and low-temperature performance, and improved protection against sludge and harmful deposits.

Experience exceptional fuel economy benefits, acid and carbon buildup protection, extended engine life, and optimal oil-drain intervals with Cermax Ceramic 10W-30W Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil. Choose Cermax for maximum engine performance and protection today.
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